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These cold-process soaps are made from ArtistryFarm herd's fresh goat milk + purchased lye powder and organic saaflower oil (except the CASTILE bar which uses all organic olive oil).

With Grandmother's basic recipe plus bits of garden and field, the goat milk soaps are unscented, uncolored and simply healthful for your skin. Poured into Grandmother's old butcher trays, soaps are cut by hand & cured before coming to you.

  • ArtistryFarm goat milk soaps are pure: no added scent or color.
  • Neither do these soaps have detergents, dyes, scents nor synthetic substances of any sort to dry/irritate your skin.
  • They are made with old-fashioned lye - then aged to mildness.
  • And they retain glycerin which is naturally produced during the saponification process.
  • This is old-fashioned hard soap and lasts a long time. Some modern soaps are made from glycerin only, which is gel-like & dissolves rapidly.
  • You can use ArtistryFarm pure goat milk soap for eczema, psoriasis, acne, warts, poison ivy, bug bites, baby's skin, detergent-burned skin, dry chapped skin, mites, corn rash, heavy-duty scrubbing & general cleaning of your whole body - even your face.

Thank you for appreciating ArtistryFarm's natural way of life.

You can order order below (just click on the soap pic for full description). Also available at MOON Co-op in Tollgate Shopping Center, Oxford OH and ArtShop Coop inside historic Oxford Community Arts Center 10 S College Ave, Oxford OH

NOTE: Hand-cut soap shapes, sizes, colors, and wrappings may vary from photos. Quantities are sometimes limited as soaps cure for weeks/months and are made seasonally according to availability of raw materials. I will contact you immediately if any product is unavailable. Thank you from ArtistryFarm.


PLEASE NOTE:  For us to ship your soap order, please purchase a minimum of six (6) bars of soap.


Feel free to mix and match soaps to make up your order of six.  Thank you for your understanding and for supporting my small business.  **Click on any soap pic for full description.**


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