This medium scrub soap was requested by a customer wanting clay soap to use as a face mask, The soap makes a thick lather and when applied to your face, it draws out impurities as the lather dries. Then, rinse face thoroughly & pat dry for beautiful skin naturally. Use as a daily facial scrub on oily skin or to draw out splinters/infection. Made of limestone clay, dug from our creek.

Please note:  All soaps are $7.00 plus shipping/handling.

ALSO: For us to ship your soap order, please purchase a minimum of six (6) bars of soap (any kind or combination).





“The really amazing one is the Raw Clay Soap. I found that if you dip the edge in water and stroke your face and neck with it and continue doing this to build up a “healthy” layer of the soap, it’s quite relaxing! Then go and do something else. Let it dry completely. Rinse it off and pat dry. Instant facelift!

It tightens the skin, removes impurities (like blackheads, etc.) and makes the skin glow and look fresh and new. Truly amazing. Takes years off of your skin! Thank you. Don’t ever stop making that Raw Clay soap. It’s priceless.”  ~ Mary

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Weight .1875 lbs