Coffee Bean


Our COFFEE BEAN soap is loaded with organic, fair-trade coffee grounds to scrub and eliminate odors like fish/garlic/onion/nicotine. This is the perfect soap to have handy at the kitchen sink…or anywhere in your house.

Please note:  All soaps are $7.00 plus shipping/handling.

ALSO: For us to ship your soap order, please purchase a minimum of six (6) bars of soap (any kind or combination).





“I love the scrubbing power and will tell anyone who will listen 🙂 It’s the best scrubbing action I’ve found in years!!!”   ~ Darla

“It’s the best soap ever in terms of getting rid of odors! In particular, it helps wash away that fishy smell of salmon from my hands so it’s got a prominent spot next to the kitchen sink!”  ~ Barbara

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Weight .1875 lbs