About ArtistryFarm...

After growing up on an 1835 Midwestern family farm, I took formal art training.
Many "mediums and messes" later, art is still an important connection for me.
My life has evolved in harmony with nature's ways and I express that with joy and hope for the future
through waxink paintings, block prints, goat milk soaps and calligraphy.






ArtistryFarm Artwork

By Appointment (contact Artist) at ArtistryFarm Studio #316
Since 2017, ArtistryFarm has been part of the Oxford Community Arts Center (OCAC) Artist Community.
When I first stepped foot on that third floor, I could feel the heritage and art-community happening.
More than two dozen studios are available for rent at this most-amazing Dinosaur Queen historic building
in Oxford Ohio. Find sun-dried wax ink paintings, farm-fresh block prints,
calligraphy, ArtistryFarm Goat Milk Soaps, and postcards

AND ArtistryFarm Studio #316 is open 6-8pm during MOST


Right inside historic Oxford Community Arts Center                               
10 S College Ave, Oxford OH 45056
Thurs & Sat  11-2pm
Fri  11-6pm


Find ArtistryFarm in the HISTORIC BARN at ...

    • Hueston Woods Arts & Crafts Fair (June)
    • Hueston Woods Apple Butter Festival (October)

           and in Oxford Community Arts Center BALLROOM for ...

    • OCAC Howl at the Moon (October)
    • Talawanda Holiday Market during
      Oxford Holiday Festival (December)

Complete list with dates and details HERE

& MORE ...

In addition to here online, purchase ArtistryFarm Goat Milk Soaps at:


512 S Locust StOxford OH 45056
(513) 280-5020
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/mooncoop/ 
Mon - Sat  9-8pm
Sun  10-6pm


Life's Little Treasures

For me, life's little treasures often happen right here on the ArtistryFarm.

Life on the Farm

New flight cage:  Bird rehab for the State of Ohio

Home hatched and raised

Crystal's Cassi

Always curious

Wildflower everywhere

And goats always getting into something

Little Sparrow

This chicken’s name was Little Sparrow. She was old and famous. Every child (little AND big) who ever came to the farm was fascinated by how tame she was and how she expressed herself. When my daughter had a car accident, Little Sparrow came into the house and sat with her every morning. After a couple hours, Little Sparrow would sit upright with a squawk and we knew it was time for her to go out! She, of course, would eat out of your hand, and would cock her head and talk incessantly if you cared to carry on a conversation. I would tuck her under my chin and introduce her to Guests. What a jewel! It's fitting that she's memorialized here.


I first saw Nada in 1995 at the County Fair.  When I asked, I was told that her name was "nothing, " so I named her Nada (Nada is Spanish for nothing).  To prove she was certainly not nothing, Nada won Grand Champion! Nada produced over a gallon of milk a day for cheese and soap-making, both of which I sold at the local Oxford Farmers Market Uptown.