BLOCK PRINTS, in contrast to the paintings, are planned carefully in advance and controlled through every step.

Block Prints Printmaking is an age-old process of creating an image on a flat surface, coating it with a colored medium, and then transferring it to another surface. The step-by-step progression is tedious in order to get a desired final image.

For colored prints, I use the "reduction method" of cutting the block: after transferring each color, the printing surface is altered and cannot be reprinted exactly the same ever again...truly limited editions!

Inspired by rural life with gardening and all manner of  2 and 4-legged creatures, they are either worked with the back of a wooden spoon, or cranked in an old cast iron press which works equally well for flowers and goat cheese. An array of colored inks are used to print from blocks cut of wood or linoleum, or found objects.

Limited editions are purposely kept small and I often use the reduction method of cutting so that when finished, the block cannot be used ever again to print the edition. Truly limited!