To date, this wildly popular bar is the ONLY moulded ArtistryFarm Goat Milk Soap. All others are hand-cut.

Please note:  All soaps are $7.00 plus shipping/handling.

ALSO: For us to ship your soap order, please purchase a minimum of six (6) bars of soap (any kind or combination).





“I LOVE your goat’s milk soap and so does my dad – he says it’s the absolute best stuff to use for shaving! He uses it to lather his face instead of the standard shaving cream! It leaves his beard easier to shave (he uses a traditional blade razor still) and leaves his skin soft. I use it myself in my bathroom for my hands and face – it keeps my hands from cracking in the winter. Everyone to whom I gave it last year for Christmas loved it!”   ~ Joan

“I bought your soap at Metamora and this is the only winter I have not had eczema!!!” ~ Katy

“THANK YOU! The soap is delightful and I am so pleased to find products that are completely NON-toxic — my hands are much less dry already. I have already recommended your fine soap to a friend this afternoon.” ~ Kathy

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Weight .1875 lbs