Add the incredibly healing elements of aloe to goat milk and you get a soap that’s pink with no equal! Chopped from huge aloe plants in my kitchen and pureed, the whole slimy mess is dumped into the goat milk soap base. Feels like velvet to the skin, and produces much the same result.

Please note:  All soaps are $7.00 plus shipping/handling.

ALSO: For us to ship your soap order, please purchase a minimum of six (6) bars of soap (any kind or combination).





“Love your aloe soap. I had really bad chigger bites working in the garden and it soothed them better than anything else!” ~Maggie

“It’s Official!: your goats milk soap is DIVINE! I have just used it in the bath. It is so smooth and creamy and has left my skin super-soft. Have you considered exporting to the UK? Or do I have to come over and get it?” ~ Tricia

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Weight .1875 lbs